First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where Has all the Time Gone?

My apology to my readers;

Time has become a luxury for me and I have found myself with not as much time to post as before.

I need to spend the time I do have actually earning a living and dedicating more time to finishing the books I am writing. I will post here from time to time as is permissible by my schedule.

Once I have my manuscripts completed and rewritten a few times, I will be ready for publishing and post some about them here and where you will find a copy or two.

Again, thank you for reading me.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

A.R. 101 - Words Mean Things

It appears I need to educate a few of my readers; those whom have not read me in the past as opposed to those whom have and understand the method in which I compose my writing; specifically to my last post and the various posts in other forums throughout the Internet.

As and example: "...government becoming so powerful that it can do what it wants without impunity; without regard to the rule of law..."

The Constitution allows for some impunity because of intent or an agreement between the States; Executive Orders, Matters of National Concern, War Powers Act, Taxation to Support the Military, Payment of International Debt and others. Each of these exempt the government or its members from prosecution according to the Rule of Law; Executive Orders circumvent Congress, Members of the House and Senate may from time to time need to break local ordnances in order to be present during votes, The President may react to an Invasion without prior consent of Congress to defend the Country with the use of deadly force, Taxation to Support the Military even where that taxation may not be representative of a majority of the States, Payment of International Debt where there may be a significant or disproportionate benefit to different States, others may include but not be limited to the disproportionate application of revenues during a National Emergency, and other acts which are sanctioned by the government for the explicit reason of National Security, etc.

When the activities of the members of government disregard the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and have become powerful enough to where there is coercion and/or where the people are afraid to bring charges of impropriety, fraud and abuse; it is tyranny, not impunity. This government has become tyrannical in nature, not impunitary within the parameters of the Constitution or the Contract between the States defining Limits and Representation of a Cohesive Government. Once we no longer have a Constitution or in other words, no longer have a Representative Government, we will have a Dictatorship or in other words, a government without representation.

Read what I write and not what you think I have written or what you think I ought to write. I do want to thank you for reading me and thank those whom have on occasion offered me corrective criticism and even those whom have challenged me from time to time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

November Will Tell

In my travels this last couple of months; the theme that keeps an illusive distance in conversation and statement, the fear the people have in this government. This fear is far greater than the one shared during the Cold War and much greater than the fear of a Nuclear Exchange with China, Korea, the New Russia or Iran.

The people I have had numerous conversations with, from many different demographics, the terrible future they see and the helplessness they feel. When asked which they fear more, the government or a terrorist attack; the answer has been almost unanimous, they can somewhat prepare or design means to protect themselves from the terrorists, they cannot prepare to protect themselves from this government.

When asked; if any, which policy they fear the most, it’s not any single one but the cumulation, the idea of the government becoming so powerful that it can do what it wants without impunity; without regard to the rule of law, morality or public opinion, that so few people can have this much power.

Where law and doctrine has been designed to exempt sound science and historical evidence at the whim and undemonstrative reason of totalitarian authority without regard to sovereignty but a covenant of ideological similarities within the hierarchy, no mater what their political affiliation, where the political climate rewards them with acclamation of a commonly sought end by which the means are a distorted platform calculated to deceive the very people they solicit support.

Our two party political systems have become incestuous. On the Left; you have the common thread of the criminalization of persons who declare values and proven examples of correct administrative practices and on the right; the demonization of those same persons because those practices don’t fit well within the new parameters set forth by the nuances of a modern and progressive ideology of political correctness and agreements of cooperation with the Left.

Conservatives, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Moderates are at odds with any one who opposes the rule of law and the formula for self governance prescribed by our founders and forefathers in the Constitution. Unfortunately, a significant number of individuals who have dissuaded a considerable collective on the merits of Constitutional Law and the free exercise thereof and successfully influenced them into believing the Constitution is an antiquated document and in these modern times, the government has full authority to govern as it sees fit.

As a result; we now have a government that has a rapid metamorphosis between a hypnotically benevolent entity that appears to have the welfare and safety of the people; to an organism which apparently cannot be stopped and has in and of itself one and only one objective, which is to consume everything and everyone.

I believe our government has become a machine which is so totally out of control; it has become as evil as the people who now control it. We have become the world of George Orwell’s 1984, the world written about by Ayn Rand and the world fled from, to the United States for freedom. Who would have thought, it could actually happen. Who would have thought it would.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pascha 2010

Easter has become many things to many people. Bunny Day, First Spring Day, and a reason to take time off work to spend with family and friends to name a few. The true meaning of Easter as well as other religious days, has been detracted by commercialization, religious compartmentalization and political correctness. Our modern American Society as a whole has deemed the necessity of ignoring tradition and faith for the expedience of pursuing self gratification and not the needful things of what makes us spiritual beings in a fallen human world.

Pascha in the Orthodox Tradition or Easter in the denominated traditions, the Church celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Indeed it is a celebration, for the Resurrection confers to man in his fallen state, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and all that had been professed through man by the Holy Spirit had been fulfilled and the promise made to man by God is the Truth and in that Truth the Evidence of the Kingdom of God.

I pray all my brothers and sisters will have a Blessed Pascha. Christ is Risen.

Monday, March 22, 2010